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CUCM - Extension Mobility API


What is Extension Mobility?

Extension Mobility is used to enable end-users to login to a phone. The phone loads the device profile of the user, which defines directory number, calling search space, call forwardings etc. When the user logs out the phone loads its own configuration.

Extension Mobility is often used to lock a phone: When no user is logged in the phone can only place internal calls, after login user (device profile) can place external calls. This prevents phone frauding.

What is the Extension Mobility API for?

Cisco Unified Communications Manager has a build in API for Extension Mobility feature. With this API (application programming interface) your are able to login/logout users or query for a specific user(id) or phone. The API exists from the initial Callmanager 3.x - when Extension Mobility was introduced - to the actual CUCM 8.x release.

With this API you are able to create single sign on etc. for extension mobility.


I am offering the Extension Mobility Admin tool for free, which covers all possible API functions.


CM 4.0 to 4.1

Release pre 4.1 used the following URL: http://yourserver:8080/EMservice/EMServiceServlet, while from 4.1 the URL is: http://yourserver:8080/emservice/EMServiceServlet. The guys changed from EMService to emservice.