EchoPING is a C# Application, which does a normal (ICMP request) PING. When ever the status of the PING changes from reachable to unreachable or vise versa, you will - starting from that - hear a sound. This handy tool can be used to hear when a system is back in service or shutdown is finished without looking all the time on the PING.

Screenshot of EchoPing Version 1.1


License: Copyright by Axel Schemberg.

Warranty: This tool come without any warranty, use at your own risk.

MD5: 67298b90eac5f289b2f42eea825ae1c8

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Version 1.1

Version 1.0


  1. No audio! Answer: You have to active Windows System Sounds in the sound schema tab: activate by selecting a sound for Standardton Warnsignal/Beep (German/English).
  2. Which Windows Versions are supported? Because it is .net you will need .net 3.5 to run this tool. It is somewhat independ from Windows Version.